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However, there is no real evidence that global warming is a serious problem, or that global warming is a major fear strategy for people to comply with stringent government regulations. It is widely believed that global warming is a major cause of global average temperature rise. In fact, global warming is not all global warming that is actually exaggerated. For the past years scientists have warned people about climate change. The general view turned three times from cooling to warming, cooling and warming. The truth is that the climate of the Earth is constantly changing.

Global Warming Essay

It has cooling time and warm period. However, studies have shown that short-term changes in temperature can not be used as a measure of future predictions. The fact that the earth experienced global warming in the last century does not prove that human industrialization is the cause.

Global warming is caused by increased production of carbon dioxide by combustion of fossil fuels coal, petroleum, natural gas. It is urgently necessary to reduce US carbon emissions and recommend laws that should be formulated immediately to save the planet. Many famous scientists support this theory. The global temperature change is natural for a long time.

Global Warming And The Warming

Science does not show that humans can influence the permanent change in the temperature of the earth. The law proposed to reduce carbon emissions will not help the environment, and will lead to a price spike for everyone. At first, the topic of the paper on global warming seems to be very simple. It depends on many factors, solar activity, deforestation, increase in carbon dioxide at the forest floor, slope change of the earth ax , volcanic eruption, water vapor, fossil fuel use, methane gas, cloud cover and other factors I will.

Most of the debate on television on global warming tends to condemn the responsibility: Human beings causing global warming or global warming is a natural process? Most scientists believe that the earth is getting warmer, but those who agree are still at the root of the conflict. Please investigate some aspects of this discussion and create an appropriate research paper on global warming.

Cause and effect of global warming essay

Several contradictory ideas remain unresolved and may be the focus of the paper. For example, according to a climate-friendly research group, carbon dioxide appears to be affecting the atmosphere in warming, but 3 to 4 percent of carbon dioxide emissions are due to human activity. Furthermore, the role of carbon dioxide in global warming is controversial. Questions that are still being discussed apply to paper themes Human factors: Artificial global warming is often called artificial climate change. Industrialization, deforestation and pollution have greatly increased concentrations of atmospheric water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

And it helps to capture heat near the surface of the earth. Humans inject carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a faster rate than the carbon dioxide of plants and the sea. These gases have remained in the atmosphere for many years. In other words, even if they are removed today, we will not stop global warming immediately.

This is a general misunderstanding in discussions on the causes of greenhouse gases and global warming. Both steam and carbon dioxide are important greenhouse gases that play an important role in warming the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared radiation in the atmosphere of the earth and re-radiates, thereby raising the temperature. Then, which gas is caused by global warming, and should it be managed? This is a big difference when only comparing numerical values.

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At the time, water vapor seemed to be the main focus of climatologists. However, water vapor can not be controlled by human intervention, which is only a product of that environment. Given these words, global warming just melts the ice, strangles the polar bear, reminiscent of the plant withering. In today's society, humans seem to be accused of tragedy that seems to be consistent with this disaster all the time. However, the study showed that humans are not the only cause of global warming. In fact, some scientists say that the natural cause of global warming far exceeds the cause of human beings.

What is the impact of global warming? The impact of global warming spreads all over the world and can be divided into three main areas. The first one is heat wave. It usually develops around the anticipated impact of human greenhouse gas GHG emissions on long-term temperature. On June 1, , governor Schwarzenegger signed the S - 3 - 05 presidential decree external link. The governor said that the discussion ended, I know the science, I know the science, I know the threat, I know that the time to take action has come.

There are many reasons for global warming, some are natural, others are artificial. The most important cause of global warming is the greenhouse gas produced by natural processes and human activities. Due to the increase in population, economy and energy consumption, the level of greenhouse gases rose in the 20th century. The growing demand for industrialization in modern society almost satisfies various needs and releases various greenhouse gases through various industrial processes in the atmosphere. The main causes of global warming are the increase in greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane due to the combustion of artificial fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, and forest destruction activities mainly in the upper atmosphere.

It will raise the soil temperature, raise the sea level, cover the ice, and retreat the glacier. Evidence that supports humankind is rich and powerful, but few people can support global warming as a natural element of the global climate change. Com summary - In the past 50 years many researchers, engineers, environmentalists have been deeply expressed, and they have seen the rate of change of temperature nearly doubled. The sea level shows the climate of the earth. Fossil fuels are always used for power generation. Combustion of these fuels produces gases that cause global warming of approximately 0.

The leadership during the 20th century deforestation is also the degree of temperature rise. The risk of global warming is a steady decline in the 2. A major problem in the next few years Disastrous Global Warming Problems and Solutions Global warming is becoming a big problem in our environment. Global warming warmed the atmosphere, causing many problems in the environment.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere passes sunlight, but it deprives heat from escape. This warms the earth so that the earth does not become a frozen sphere, but excessive carbon dioxide can cause global warming, which will affect the environment. The main cause of global warming is the use of CFC chlorofluorocarbon. Reducing the amount of CFC used will greatly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases although there are many other factors that generate large amounts of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Projects included Militant radical militants hope that we believe that as the temperature of the earth rises, the possibility of complete extinction of the whole species will increase as the temperature of the earth rises. Natural disasters become more common, one day the whole continent will be underwater and the death rate may be the highest ever. This might seem like bad science fiction, but in some ways they may actually be right. At least global warming can affect humans living in almost all areas and will have an impact in the future as well.

From people living on the coast to people living. The world of global warming is warming.

Global Warming

The IPCC decision is widely accepted, but it is not universally accepted. Several scientists refused to discover the IPCC and suggested that global warming is being driven by the sun. Some also condemn the IPCC being promoted by political challenges. These opponents began accepting the hearing. It is important to discuss this problem frankly.

I hope that all of us agree that global warming is a reality. Either way, the argument about the cause of global warming is still fresh. I am in line with the United Nations. The United Nations must say that people are still questioning the fact that we are causing global warming. Our environment is like a greenhouse, closed system.

Climate Change Essay Example: The Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

In any environment of our planet it will remain there. In addition to other environmental impacts, these activities change the land surface and emit various substances to the atmosphere. These in turn can influence both the amount of incoming energy and the amount of outgoing energy and can have both warming and cooling effects on the climate.

The dominant product of fossil fuel combustion is carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

The overall effect of human activities since the Industrial Revolution has been a warming effect, driven primarily by emissions of carbon dioxide and enhanced by emissions of other greenhouse gases. The build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to an enhancement of the natural greenhouse effect.