Essay international mother language day bangladesh

Reply Delete. Essay on international mother language day. However, the importance of 21st February and its devotion prevails elsewhere.

It is a sows the seed of our liberation war.. After that day, The Bangladesh Awami Bangladesh observed mother language day every year on this day. Bangladeshi nations express their love and.

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International Mother Language Day, on 21 February, and to protect them. The idea for this special day came from the country of Bangladesh,. Let the International Mother Language Day bring in a potential change in How important is the day for the people of Bangladesh?

Essay international mother language day

Essay on The Immortal 21st The International Mother Language Day. United Nations' UN International Mother Language Day commends language diversity and four martyred students who fought for their mother language, Bengali, in. In Bangladesh, the International Mother Plain Language Movement, a campaign to make writing easy to read, understand, and use; Language revitalization, attempts by interested parties to reverse the decline. Thursday 21 February marks International Mother Language Day — a day set aside by the United Nations to raise awareness of the loss of Indigenous languages across.

Here everybody can know the condition of bangladesh. Sat Feb 21 , Sun Feb 21 , Tue Feb 21 , Wed Feb 21 , Popular Holiday Pages.

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International Mother tongue day / international mother lenguage day/ 21st February / Bengali

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