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Because all a beer or a whisky does to you is slows you down. Slowing you down doesn't only make you slower in any of your physical activity but mentally you become slow as well. The author claims: Relationships based on alcohol are unlikely to lead to social success and true friendship. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Syllabus Word Version. Syllabus PDF Version.

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    7. Advertising Essay MAR To edit this page, request access to the workspace. Page history last edited by David Hodges 9 years, 6 months ago. I've posted one comment as an example. Trang Nguyen I've seen that all most the young people are always persuasive by their friends because they do not want their friend think them as a sissy man. This thing has a strong emotion in their mind, so it is hard for them to deny the invitation from their friends even thought they do not really know how much the level of alcohol they are.

      One of them is to drink. Yes, her claim is persuasive.

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      In this case Tod accepted the invitation to drink without resistance , so he could fit in with his team mates who were older than him. Elisabeth Yes her claim is persuasive. Trupti Patel Yes i do agree. Trang Nguyen From the book, i have known that ads are very persuasive to the drinker. Most of the brewer is spent a lot of money for ads with the desire that their ads can appeal the customers. They use a numerous methods that are popped on the Tv, radio, broadcast, or prevalent channels, event in college newspaper. Their ads show that people cant watch baseball, football or can not make successful meeting without beer.

      If my neighbor does this, I'll do this too. I don't think ads pressure people to drink, but instead we pressure ourselves to drink in order to be accepted by others. People should not be puppets. They should think by themselves because at the end you will be the unique responsable of your acts. People are pressured by alchol to drink.

      Our media, news paper, and society encourage to drink alchol. Yes , her claim is persuasive because alcohol is advertise as if it does not have any side effects. Also, daily life would be incomplete without it. Eventually sometime they show through the advertise without alchol a man can not get success. Are those ads persuasive? David Hodges I've seen those magazine ads and they are very persuasive. The ad also implies that only successful people can afford to buy and drink the product.

      Liquids ads use psychology and link drinking with professional success and personal development ; in addition, look down on people who dont engage in this behaviour. Neel Patel The author describe the picture of a magazine that has two mans sitting in a restaurant with full facility including Scotch whisky bottle. She futher stated that both in school and in work force, alcoholics tend to perform poorly. Her claim is persuasive and argumentive. Kamrun n Aleya Yes,those ads are persuasive for the young people who believes that beer or alcohol can make or up grade their level of smartness even more higher than anything else.

      Beer become a style to them to attract opposite sex. This type people only know how to follow the commercial ads without thinking anything. Apart from causes infertility in women and impotence in men. Are the ads persuasive? With this they are trying to persuade people to be more involved in alcohol. Maria I think this is persuasive. There is nothing wrong to drink alcohol, but all in excess is harmful.

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      There should be a self-control about drinking, and avoid the alcohol as a rutin; otherwise, by the time it could slow you down. Mary Ebogu Yes. The writer used all this fact to bring the matter home that alcohol really slows people down. Neel Patel Here, whatever the authors says, I completely agree with her.

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      Alchol always make you slow, inactive, and inable. Tabinda Yes. I think these ads are designed to make alcohol a magic ingredient which eliminates loneliness and helps people become more social and friendly.

      It appeals to the emotions and makes an association between drinking alcohol and having friends. Tabinda Yes , alcohol only gives a false sense of sexiness, happiness or health because in reality people who become alcoholic end up liver disease and many more health problems. Elisabeth very persuasive. Florence Yes because she made mention of people who have suffered from alcohol directly or indirectly. Mary Ebogu Very very persuasive because most alcoholics never have peace of mind.

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