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A sans serif font such as Courier, with very wide letters and spacing, could change your page count even more - taking at least four-and-a-half pages for 1, words.

500-Word Essay vs. 250-Word Essay

Once you've set your font to the required font and size - most commonly Times New Roman and font size to 12 - take a quick look at your margins. Again, going with the standard requirements, you're going to want to set your margins at 1 inch all around. If you're thinking you can pull a fast one on your teacher and extend the margins, think twice! Your teacher is going to look at your margins first. Anyway, once you do things right, 1-inch margins make for a clear and uniform finished product.

This is pretty interesting, right? While we're at it, let's take a look at some of the other typical essay word counts and see how many pages they break down to:. Whew, 20 pages, huh? That's quite the thesis! The best way to think of it is words equals one page. That doesn't sound so bad.

Getting started to write

Choose your font and size most likely Times New Roman and 12 point. Ensure that your margins all around are set to 1 inch. Get yourself a drink and a snack, and give those fingers a workout! We're firm believers in a nice, clean desk space, a silenced phone, and all social media feeds closed. Writing habits are similar to healthy study habits.

What is 1000 Word Essay Examples?

The conclusion paragraph There is information in quotation marks. The reference list All of the references are in random order. Academic Skills Self-paced Tutorials. Key words: academic essay, essay question, paragraph, introduction, body, conclusion, reference list. Question Discuss why assignment essays are common assessment tasks in undergraduate tertiary coursework, and evaluate the effectiveness of assignments as an avenue for learning. Assignment essays are developed from set questions that give students a period of time to research a topic and produce their answer with references to their sources of information.

While there are some disadvantages with using assignment essays as an assessment tool, there are sound educational purposes underpinning this practice. This essay examines the reasons why assignment essays are beneficial for student learning and considers some of the problems with this method of assessment. Assignment essay tasks are set to assist students to develop mastery of their study subject.

Firstly, assignment tasks enhance understandings about subject matter. Secondly, research Jinx, ; Zapper, clearly demonstrates that students learn the writing conventions of a subject area while they are researching, reading and writing in their discipline. Thus, students are learning subject matter and how to write in that disciplinary area by researching and writing assignment essays.

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As an assessment tool, assignment essays have some disadvantages for lecturers and students. A consequence of these problems is that feedback to students is frequently delayed, and this is much less useful to students than rapid feedback p. It is partly because of these disadvantages of time and expense that other assessments such as multiple-choice tests and short answer questions have an enduring place in the tertiary learning environment. To conclude, it seems that assignment essays continue to have a prominent role in tertiary education as an assessment tool.

This is mainly because they are very effective in developing knowledge and writing skills for subject areas.

How to Write a word Essay?

Also, assignment essays can be less stressful than examinations as they allow students to show their understanding of content in less pressured circumstances. On the other hand, the time consuming nature of writing and marking essays points to some disadvantages that also need to be considered. The weight of evidence, however, supports the writing of assignment essays for student assessment because this approach has such positive and proven effects for improved student learning.

Exercise: What did you notice? The following questions relate to the essay above. There is an indented long quote in this paragraph. The last sentence gives the answer to the essay question.

It is only depends on you whether you understand the value of time or take it for granted. Importance and value of time is different for all. A student use it for taking knowledge, a working man to earn money and a house lady to do her house works by keeping the importance of time in mind. Competition has arisen in all fields that have influenced all age group of people and children. Thus, if we want our children to get success in future life, we should prepare them since their childhood in such manner that they understand the value of time and can be able to take benefit of their important time by doing good things in life.

Since the time of their wake up in the morning till the sleeping in night every single activity should be done at proper pre decided time and this timetable should be followed through the entire life. The best example of understanding the importance and value of time is that, when we lose money we can get it back by using time but if time is lost we cannot get it back by using money or any other thing.

In conclusion, we can just say that time is money and time is priceless, by using it in proper manner no one can defeat us at any stage of life. Neither we can buy it nor we can sale it; we just can use it every single moment.

How to Write 1,000+ Words in Just Minutes (Tips for Writers Series)

These two words consist the right way of better living and those who are following it can achieve a lot during their life. Time never waits for anyone and to live with and according to time is the key of success for all. Also we can say that when we lose money we can get it back but if we lose time no one can get it back for us.

Academic Skills

We should understand and respect the value of time, by using our precious time we can get and touch the heights of success. We all should teach our children about the importance of time since their childhood and help them in making their routine by keeping the importance of time in mind. Importance of time differs for all age of people.

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