Writing an executive summary for a case study

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If you are lucky enough to be writing mainly for one executive, know your executive and what they want to see. Have someone who cares a lot less than you write the summary - one thing I see hurting summaries is having people including me! A little distance can give a lot of perspective. Posted by: Jennifer May 30, at AM. The executive summary is not the table of contents but you still might put the page number next to each of your main points.

A CEO might want to go directly to the recommendations, for example. I advise people to put what matters most into their executive summaries. Writers should highlight only the most interesting, startling, unique or important points in the paper. For example, if a report has 10 findings, don't pop them all into the executive summary in a bland list. Identify the top three findings and hit them hard in the executive summary. This way, the writer most likely will compel the reader to read on. If a reader doesn't read the whole report, he or she at least gets the major points.

Posted by: Diane July 17, at AM. I agree that important points belong in the executive summary. I can think of situations, though, where interesting, startling, or unique points might pull the summary in an unusual direction. I like your closing sentence. We definitely want the reader to get the major points from our executive summary.

Hi Lynn, thanks for the article. I would evaluate an executive summary the same way I would evaluate any type of business writing. For example, I would ask:. Posted by: jan April 17, at AM. The one topic that I have read consistently on various websites, is that the Executive Summary should never contain numbers or figures for the desired budget. What I read is that the CEO or potential investor sees that number and it sticks in their minds throughout the presentation; sometimes a decision has already been formed before the presentation has been completed, based on the dollar figure, and not on the positive qualities and potentials of what is being proposed.

Hope this helps. Posted by: Maria April 20, at PM. Don't include anything that doesn't help to summarize the document. Please review the common mistakes in my article above. They include a couple of examples of things that do not belong in executive summaries.

You are correct that in a persuasive document, you may decide not to include a dollar amount in the executive summary. The reasoning, as you suggest, is that the reader needs to appreciate what the dollars will create or buy before knowing the exact dollar amount. Yet it depends on the reader and the purpose of the document. And in some documents, the purpose is not to persuade but to inform. Because of the many documents that may include an executive summary, I would not suggest that the summary should NEVER contain numbers for the desired budget. It depends.

Suppose you are a manager at a Construction Company and you have completed a project regarding the construction of a bridge. Write one page report to the CEO of your company regarding the success of the project. Posted by: moon December 03, at AM.

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I thought this information was very valuable, I am writing a research paper for Cal Poly Pomona and this is something that most people are not taught until grad school or running a business. However it is proving to be an essential part of a professional and educational career. Please send some useful hints how best to review report. Equally best possible way to write official letters. Posted by: Entails oadisun May 08, at PM. The best way to review a report is to assess whether it achieves its goal.

How To Write the Executive Summary for Case Studies

If it's a site report on a manufacturer, does it report on the essential aspects of the site's efficiency and productivity? If it's a business trip report, does it share only the relevant information about the trip? Does the report supply the information a reader would want--without providing unnecessary details? The best way to write official letters is to write them so people can understand them and accept their conclusions.

If I had to write official letters on the job, I would ask for examples. Thanks all of you. This I am come cross of paramount importance because I am doing my internship and an executive summary is one of the gap that i have to fill so as to provide a full report. Posted by: Kim October 27, at AM. I don't have such a template. If you can't find one that is already developed, think about the questions your executive summary needs to answer.

You can find two bulleted examples in the article above. Short, sharp and informative. I also found contributions in the comments section useful. I think we need to pay a little more attention to articulating our 'elevator speech'.

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Many times we are caught up in the projects that we only provide executive summaries as after-thoughts whereas they are probably the only aspects that senior leadership will ever read fully. Posted by: rick December 26, at AM. Hi Lynn, I enjoyed reading your article.. Request For Proposal.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Executive Summary

Like a similar example above, I believe it depends if a beneficial example can be offered. This might suggest the investment of "X" will increase revenue by "Y" and improve customer satisfaction by "Z". Some of my colleagues suggest you should never include such an investment summary as it might draw detrimental conclusions too early, such as being too costly.

I'd welcome your view. Another solution might be--if truthful--to say that the proposal offers three solutions at price points ranging from X to Y.

How does that sound? Hey Lynn, I'm in a group project for a second year business course and i'm doing the executive summary on a report.

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We're supposed to make recommendations for a fictitious Family business who wants to make wine and I don't know what format to use and please can you elaborate on your 7th common mistake please? Posted by: Tokoni February 26, at AM. The format you choose for the executive summary depends on the content of the report. Published on Feb 19, SlideShare Explore Search You.

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How to Write an Executive Summary

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