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Duke drops SAT essay, ACT writing score requirement for applicants

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How to Apply to TIP?

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I'd always been bored in my English classes in regular school because the work wasn't challenging enough. All I really wanted to do was write stories, and as I got older, poems, not five paragraph essays about who my hero was.

TIP was different. My classmates and I were all very good writers for our ages years old , and we had the passion and motivation to keep writing, a community I'd never been around before. For the next three weeks, we churned out poetry, fiction, and everything in between. During my first year, I learned that poetry didn't have to rhyme, read e.

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During my second year, I honed my writing style and developed my own unique voice. It's thanks to my teachers at TIP that I was able to write a novel last year, and that I continue to write fiction today. TIPsters are a special breed of individuals. Remember that kid who sat in the front of the classroom in high school?

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  • The one who was kind of weird, socially awkward, and way too smart for her own good? Imagine taking all of those kids from all the high schools and middle schools across the country, and plopping them all in the middle of a college campus to be supervised by college students. Things get weird pretty fast, but that's what's great about the TIP experience.

    Reading the essay that got me into Duke University

    Where else would you have "Wear-a-Skirt-Wednesday? Not only do we have our traditions, but we have our enduring friendships. I met my best friend at TIP in , and six years later, we still tell each other everything.

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    How to Apply. Eligibility Middle and high school teachers, rising junior and senior high school students, and undergraduates are encouraged to apply. No prior experience in research is necessary. Applicants only need to demonstrate strong academic performance and an interest in science. Consistently around 50 percent of the class is made up of underrepresented minorities. Compensation A stipend is provided to participants, which makes the program an option even for students who planned to work over the summer break.