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Sometimes a simple writing prompt will be enough: What do you think about x, y, z? Where do you see the principles of x,y,z reflected elsewhere in the world around us?

See this short guide for more ideas and this sample journal assignment. Bullet journals are popular, highly customizable systems for setting and working through goals intentionally. Oftentimes the writing is so personal — do we have the time to give the feedback it deserves? And how do we assign grades to that sort of thing? If one goal of a journaling assignment is to allow students to think-by-composing, is there a need for an audience other than the student?


Instead of reading and assigning grades to student journals, require that they draw on their journals for other assignments — they might even quote themselves, or track their thoughts on a topic over time and incorporate this into a larger course project. In keeping with the value of journals as student-led learning tools, the best tools for journaling are highly flexible and customizable.

Simplenote is a good free option, not limited to Mac users, and has the additional capability for collaboration on notes. Both apps allow users to publish their notes in multiple formats — helpful if students are sharing parts of their journals.

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Abstract There has been little research which shows that students use critical thinking skills when they write.