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To start with, local people give museums and historical places a miss because they offer nothing new to them. They are already familiar with their culture and history and perhaps have nothing new to discover by frequenting the same museums again and again.

Travel and Tourism in India Essay

A tourist, on the other hand, may enjoy visiting a museum or monument because of the numerous windows they open to the past. Another reason that dissuades local people from visiting museums is that they are rarely updated. What they showcase this month is in no way different from what they showcased last month or last year.

Cost could also be a factor.

Most museums and monuments charge an entry fee which could be an issue for low or middle income families. They can, for example, organize regular exhibitions, cultural events and light shows that provide visitors a new experience every time they visit these places. Scraping the entry fee may also help. To conclude, if local people prefer to stay away from museums and monuments, that is because these institutions fail to offer new experiences to them. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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