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The wind died down as we A vivacious and carefree four-year-old, I dropped my paintbrush, splattering globs of blue paint all over my t-shirt and classmates nearby. Immediately, my thin lips transformed into an enormous grin.

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My grandpa, or as we say in Russian, my My alarm clock squawks at me to wake up. With legs aching from practice, arms tired from shooting drills, and head throbbing with pain from only sleeping four hours, I squint at the illuminated red numbers, contemplating whether or not They look at each other and laugh, clearly making fun of the way I speak. I put my head down, embarrassed, and walk to the swings alone. On the surface, she seemed like the other Standing atop the highest peak in the continental United States, the thin, crisp air and spectacular beauty of Mt.

I could hear my heart beating, the individual rocks crunching beneath my feet, and the The girl stares with blank, pupil-less eyes; her lips are dainty and relaxed, her hair neat and coiled. Her placid expression and plain features provide no insight as to who she is, and because only her head is displayed, I can discern little of I spent much of the summer in the basement of a Dublin Castle, jaws clenched and synapses firing as the identity of the murderer continued to evade my grasp of reason.

The first surprise was not really a surprise but the fact remained astounding The barrel; nothing but the barrel, thick and menacing, held less than five inches away from my face. In that singular moment , the world died: the early jacaranda blooms died, the sounds of shrieking school children died, the hoarse cries of bus One thing remains constant from London to Krakow to Ambala Cantt. Regardless of how far one roams, the Law of Moments will remain in effect.

Facts such as these were very comforting to my younger self. No matter how many despondent children I A house is a trove of memories; a source of dignity and pride; the essence of security - or at least it's supposed to be. Because of the nature of a tutorial-education, an on-campus interview with Director s of Studies is required. There will be two interview days in mid January. Applicants will be assigned an interview date.

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Applicants interviewing in dance, music, or performance theater will audition on their interview day. For more information, visit our Interview Day page. After interviews are completed, offers of admission will be sent to selected applicants by mid-February. If you have any questions about the application process, please call the HTC office at or email honors.

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Students are not usually considered for transfer into the Honors Tutorial College beyond the first semester of their sophomore year. In most of our programs of study, transfer applicants should apply by November If accepted, applicants enter the College in January. In some of our programs, freshman may apply in April. If accepted, April applicants enter the College in August. Interested transfer students should contact the College office for guidance at or email honors. Please note that HTC programs of study are small, and transfer admission is dependent on program capacity. Applicants are selected on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential of self-motivated study and research.

Portfolios are evaluated on their technical facility, conceptal and aesthetic intregrity, and evidence of experimentation. All rights reserved. Ohio University.

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  8. Future Students. Biological Sciences : Applicants are encouraged to submit two letters of recommendation, at least one from a math or science teacher. Business : Applicants are encouraged to submit one writing sample, preferably a research paper. Communication Studies : Applicants are encouraged to submit one writing sample.

    The writing sample may be any paper from high school. Dance : Submit a written essay on the significance of dance to your career objectives, along with two letters of recommendation, one from a dance instructor and one from an academic teacher or counselor.

    Application for Admission

    In addition, submit a writing sample from one of your academic courses of study e. English : Applicants are encouraged to submit a copy of the best paper you have written for an English class. Film : Submit a portfolio of recent creative work and a recent substantive writing sample creative writing projects fall into this category. Journalism : Submit a writing portfolio including any samples of published work.

    Students who intend to study broadcast journalism are also encouraged to submit short video or audio clips in addition to the writing portfolio. Media Arts and Studies : Applicants to the audio, video, and digital media sequences are encouraged to submit a portfolio of creative work and a recent substantive writing sample.